Lemistry – A Celebration of Stanislaw Lem

We at Comma are very excited about our new Lemistry anthology. This is a book celebrating the hugely influential Polish science fiction author Stanislaw Lem. It brings rare and previously un-translated stories to English readers for the first time and also features specially commissioned stories by a host of lauded contemporary writers (including Toby Litt, Brian Aldiss, Frank Cottrell Boyce and Adam Marek) along with essays on Lem’s scientific prescience by Prof Steve Furber and the cult robotics pioneer Prof Hod Lipson.

Lem was one of the most widely read science fiction writers of the 20th Century. You may know him best for his novel Solaris, three times made into a film, yet his influence is widespread. It’s only now, 50 years later, that the accuracy of many of his predictions is truly appreciated.

He is credited with foreseeing the development of nano-technology, virtual reality (in Summa Technologiae) and eBooks (in Return from the Stars). His ideas can be identified in many areas of popular culture (The Sims computer game, and the red and blue pills of The Matrix, to name but two).

The new stories in Lemistry allow you to explore how some of Lem’s previously unseen concepts fit into the modern world. This book is a must for Lem fans and is a fantastic introduction to those unfamiliar with his work.

Lemistry also includes three new stories by Wojciech Orlinski, Piotr Szulkin, Jacek Dukaj – contemporary Polish authors working under the influence of Lem.

The anthology is going to be launched at the British Library on 9th September with Toby Litt, Wojciech Orlinski, Adam Roberts, John Gray, and filmmaker Ari Folman.

Lem was always ahead of us. Now it’s time we caught up.

For more information on the launch go to our events page: http://www.commapress.co.uk/?section=events

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